(i) Attendance Rules

(a)    No students shall be allowed to appear the Annual Examinations, held by AHSEC/AU as the case may be, unless their class attendances are found to be satisfactory.

(b)   A PG student must have attended a minimum of 75% of the lectures, seminars, tutorials, etc. organised by the Department during a semester to be eligible to appear at the End –Semester Examination ( Clause No.8 of the First Ordinance of the Master Degree Programme, AU).

       (ii) Examination Rules:

(a)    All students must appear in the Unit/Terminal/ Selection Tests conducted by the college. No students shall be allowed to fill up the final Examination Form without passing Test Examination. In case of illness, sick bed will be provided.

(b)   There shall be continuous Sessional Work for PG students. The minimum sessional work required for sessional evaluation shall be three tests and one written Assignment/ Seminar  for each Course of study ( Regulations of Post Graduate Examination of AU, Clause No.3-d). A student who does not clear a course or courses owing to failure to pass, or to appear in the Sessional Work shall not be allowed to appear in the End -Semester Examination in the course(s).

      (iii) Promotion Rules:

   As per rules framed by the AHSEC/AU, as the case may be-

 a. A student of H. S. class must complete his/her H.S courses within five years from the date  of  registration.

b. A student of TDC must complete his/her courses within 6(six) years from the date of Admission otherwise he/she must get fresh admission in TDC –I.

c.   (i) A student of TDC- I shall not be promoted to TDC-II if he/she has more than three  back papers in  Part-I .

     (ii) A student of TDC-II shall not be promoted to TDC-III if he/she has total backlogs/arrears of more than three papers in Part-I and Part-II combined.

    (iii) A student shall be declared “Passed” TDC only when he/she clears all Papers of Part-I, Part-II and Part-III courses.

    (iv) A candidate clearing all courses of Part-I, Part-II and Part-III at one go with 60% Marks will get rank/ position in the University. However, a candidate passing with arrear(s) will not get any rank/ position, even if he/she secures more than 60% Marks.


Note : Failed  students may get admitted to the same class as “casual students” without having voting rights in the DGCSUS Election and subject to availability of seats.

(iv)  Others:

(a)   Maintenance of Discipline

  1. Students admitted to the college must abide by the rules and regulations as prescribed by the College Authority. Violation of rules, unsatisfactory progress, irregular attendance, irregular clearance of college and hostel fees, showing discourtesy to teachers and office staff in any form, adoption of unfair means during examination, etc. are some of the offences which may make students liable for disciplinary action like termination of scholarship, non-awards of college diploma, forced transfer and even expulsion from the college and hostel.
  2. All forms of ragging in the college campus are prohibited. Strong disciplinary action may be taken if anyone is found to be involved directly or indirectly in ragging.
  3. The courses (except the Self-Financing Courses) are full-time courses. No students can take any other full time course simultaneously.
  4. Societies and Associations formed by the students of the college shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the college administration may prescribe from time to time. Only such societies and associations which are recognised by the principal shall have the facilities of the college premises.
  5. Any notice to be pasted or circulated by the students in and around the college and hostel premises shall require the prior approval of the Principal.
  6. All powers of maintaining discipline in the college are vested with the Principal and his decision shall be final in all such matters.
  7. No students shall be allowed to keep the mobile phone ‘on’ while attending the classes, practical classes , seminars etc.

(b)   Identity Card

       At the time of admission each and every student shall be provided with an Identity Card, and he/she shall carry it at the time of attending the classes.

      An Identity Card issued is valid for a period of one year, i.e. one academic session; and that of a PG student for one semester. On expiry, Identity Card has to be surrendered for renewal.

(c)    Library and Its Rules

    The college has over 33,000 books besides journals, magazines, and other periodicals.

    A student can borrow books from the library for a period of 15 days from the date of issue. A fine of Re.1.00 per day will be imposed if a book is not returned within 15 days. Library Card(s) is/are issued to students and they can borrow books against the card(s) on the days fixed as under:

 1. Higher Secondary Students; One card each & three books against each card.

                          H.S.1st year (Arts)                     :   Monday

                          H.S. 1st + 2nd year (Sc./Com.)  :   Tuesday     

                           H.S. 2nd year (Arts)                   :   Wednesday

2. TDC (Pass)  Students :   One card and three books against each card.

3. TDC (Hons) Students: Two cards and three books against each card.

                             TDC 1st and 3rd (Sc + Com) : Thursday.

                             TDC 1st and 3rd (Arts)          : Friday


    4. PG students: Two cards and three books against each card.

                                                   : All working days

  *Library Hours

     Reading Hours  : 11 A.M.- 3 P.M.

     Visitors are to sign on the Register at the entrance.

(d) Hostel Facilities and Hostel Rules

     The college has two Girls’ Hostels and one Boys’ Hostel. Those seeking admission in hostels should apply in a prescribed form. The admission takes place one day after the college admission. Hostel seats are limited (70 seats in each hostel).

    All boarders are to maintain strict discipline as per the hostel rules. Violation shall invite punitive action to the extent of expulsion from hostel and college.

(e) Scholarship

     Various scholarships are available as per Govt. rules. Scholarships money is paid through cheque directly to the students only .

(f) Students’ Aid  Fund

     The college has Students’ Aid Fund. Deserving and meritorious students coming from economically weaker sections of the society are given financial aid out of this fund, provided they do not avail any other form of scholarships.

(g) Students’ Travel Concession

      Students are entitled to Travel Concession by Rail or Air on their way home from the institution and back during vacation only.

(h) College has constituted some committees /Boards as mentioned below to look after the overall development and for meeting certain responsibilities that arise from time to time. These committees are as follows:


        1. Co-ordinator          :  Prof . A. C. Borah

       2. Asstt. co-ordinator :  Sri J.D. Thang

       3. Members               : i) Sri I. Siddique            ii)  Dr. R. Barman

                                        iii) Sri H. Borah               iv)  Sri N. Terang  

                                         v) Sri B. Mochahari        vi)  Sri M. H. Borbhuyan

                                       vii) Dr. A. K. Tamuly         viii)  Sri K. Das

                                       ix)  Sri A. C. Kalita          x)  Sri  i/c N.S.S

                                       xi)  i/c  N.C.C           xii)  Supdt. of all Hostels

                                     xiii)  Head Assistant           xiv)  G.S. / V.P.  of DGSUS



                    1.  Chairman :  Prof. S. Mandal

                2.  Members : i) Prof A.C. Borah        ii)  Sri J. D. Thanng

                                    iii) Sri I. Siddique       iv)  Dr. R. Borman

                                     v) Sri N. Terang         vi)  Mrs. M. Hussain

                                   vii) Sri G. Patowary   viii)  Sri B. Saikia

                                   ix) Dealing Asstt.           x)  Prof. i/c Examination



                    1.  Chairman  :  Principal , Diphu Govt. College

                 2.  Convenor   :   Librarian

                 3. Members     :  i) Mrs. G. Buragohain        ii) Sri J. D. Thang

                                         iii) Sri H. Borah                iv) Sri M. H. Borbhuyan

                                v) Prof. B. Mochahari         vi) Sri M. R. Swargiary

                              vii) Prof. M. K. Mazumder  viii) Sri N. K. Sharmah

                              ix) Sri J. Saikia                 x)  Head Asstt.

                               xi) G.S. of DGCTA             xii)  G.S/ VP of DGCSUS



1.        Chairman  :   Principal, Diphu Govt. College

2.        Advisor     :   (i) Dy. Secretary, i/c Eduaction, KAAC, Diphu

                (ii) Addl. Director, i/c Education, KAAC, Diphu.

                              (iii) Executive Chairman, Alumni Association

                              (iv)  Vice Chairman, Teachers Gurdians Meet.

        (v)     Sri R. B. Terang (Rtd), Principal

        3.  Members    :  i)  Prof. A.C. Borah            ii)  Sri I. Siddique

                                iii) Sri Dr. R. Borman      iv)  Sri N. Terang

                                 v) Ms. T. Terangpi            vi)  Sri H. Borah  

                               vii) Sri B. Rongphar        viii)  Sri B. Ali

                               ix) Ex Engineer, PWD (B) Diphu        x) Addl. Director, Health, Diphu

                               xi) Executive Engineer, PHE, Urban  xii) GS of DGCTA



                1.  Chairman :   Principal, Diphu Govt. Collge.  

                2.   Members  :  i)  Prof. A.C. Borah             ii) Dr. R. Borman  

                                       iii)  Sri N Terang                   iv)  Sri N. K. Sharmah

                                        v)  Sri B. Mochahari            vi)   Mrs. G. Buragohain

                                      vii)  Prof. M. R. Swargiary      viii)   Sri R. Teron  

                                      ix)  Sri K. K. Das



                 1.  Chairman : Principal, Diphu Govt. College.

2.  Member from science : All HoD’s of Science Department

3.  Member for General Purchase :-

               i) Sri J. D. Thang               ii) Sri  S. K. Sonowal  

              iii) Sri I. Siddique               iv)  Sri B. C. Saikia


                Chairman : Principal, Diphu Govt. College.

                Convenor  :  1) Sri  I. Siddique (Arts)               

                                     2) Sri S. K. Sonowal (Sc.)

                   3)  Sri A. Motin (Com)

                Members  : 1) All HOD’s of DGC.      2). Head Assitt.

                                   3) GS/VP of DGCSUS



                Chairman   : Principal, Diphu Govt. College, Diphu.

                Convenor    : 1)  Prof. A.C. Borah         2) Sri B. C. Saikia

                                     3)  Sri H. Borah               4)  Sri B. Mochahari  

                                     5)  Mr. D. Daimari, UDA                                             



                Chairman  : Principal, Diphu Govt. College, Diphu.

                Members   : 1)  Prof. A. C. Borah      2) Sri  J. D. Thang  

                                    3)  Sri S. C. Das            4) Sri  Dr. R. Borman

                                    5)  Sri J. Bharali           6) Sri  N. Terang

                                    7)  Sri A.C.Kalita           8) Sri D. Daimari



                Chairman   : Principal, Diphu Govt. College, Diphu.

                Members    : 1) Prof. A. C. Borah              2) Prof. J. D. Thang

                                    3) Sri R. Borman                  4) Sri N. Terang

                                    5) Secretary, DGCTA            6)  Head Asstt.

                                    7) GS/VP of DGCSUS


                Chairman   : Principal, Diphu Govt. College, Diphu..

                Convenor    : Sri M. K. Mazumder

      Members     : 1) Sri A. Motin                   2) Ms. T. Terangpi

                           3)  i/c NCC                         4)  i/c NSS

                           5) Superintendent of all Hostels.    6) Sri A. Sahid

                           7) Sri A. C. Kalita.               8) Mrs. S Hasnu

                    9) GS/ VP of DGCSUS    10) Social Service Secretary(DGCSUS)


               Chairman       : Principal, Diphu Govt. College, Diphu.  

                Ex. Chairman: Sri Bimal Saikia

                Advisor           : Sri S.K.Sonowal

               Member          : 1) Sri  Aseem Kalita     2) Sri R. Teron

                                       3) Sri A . Sahid          4) Major Games Secretary(DGCSUS)   

                                       5] Minor Games Secretary  6] GS/VP of DGCSUS  

                                        7] Sri Jiban Engti          8]Sri Promothesh Basumatary                                         

XIII)  E. D. Cell

                Convenor :  1) Sri R. Borman                                     

                                    2) Sri H. Borah



                Chairman   :  Principal: Diphu Govt. College, Diphu.  

                Convenor   :  Sri A.C.Kalita

                Members    : 1)  Sri J Bharali                  2) Mrs. M. Hussain

                                    3)  Sri G. Patowary             4) Sri  S. Sahoo.

                                    5)  Sri N. K. Sharmah       6) Sri Aseem Borah


                Chairman  :  Principal, Diphu Govt. College, Diphu.

                Advisor     :  Sri R. B. Terang ( Retd. Principal)

                Convenor  :  Ms. T. Terangpi

                Members   : 1. Mrs. S. Hasnu        2. Sri  Basanta Das

                                   3.  Head Assitt.


                Chairman      :  Dr. R. Borman

                Convenor      :  Sri H Borah

                Members       :  1. Sri B. Rongphar

                                        2. Sri N. Terang

                                        3. Sri A.. C. Kalita.


                Chairman              :  Principal, Diphu Govt. College, Diphu.

                Ex. Chairman        :  Prof. A. C. Borah

                Vice Chairman      :  Sri Dilip Sur

                Secretary              :  Sri I Siddique.

                Asstt. Secrtary      :  Sri Sahil Agarwal

                Members               :  Mrs. Uma Kachari  

                                              :   Sri J. Ronghang

                                             :  Sri S. I. Choudhury

                                              :  Mrs. Panyalata Sarma Rongpipi

                                              :  Mrs. Anu Barthakur