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      The emblem of the College is the Jambili Athon, which is also the cultural sysmbol of the Karbis. The Jambili Athon is an artifact , made from wood of Bengvoi Tree ( Holarrhina antidysenterica), and on the side of the main stem are four branches. On the main stem, there  is the Vojaru (Drongo bird) and on the side branches are perched by different kinds of birds. In addition , the Jambili Athon is studded by Sobai (Couries). According to tradition the Vojaru stands for the Karbi King and the other species of birds perched on the side branches symbolize the representatives from the traditional territorial divisions of the Karbi Kingdom. In short, the Jambili Athon reflects the social pattern of the Karbis. It is the art gallery of the Karbi Society. At the background is the hill which symbolizes the hilly life of the local people. Just below the Jambili Athon is the lighted lamp which symbolizes the light of knowledge that dispels darkness and ignorance. The whole symbol is encircled by the motto and name of the College. Just below the name of the college is the year of establishement.

         This emblem is selected for the college since the institution is situated in Karbi Anglong (Karbi Hills), a district carved out and named after the Karbi Tribe.


         The motto of the college ANO BHADRA KRATAWO YANTU VISWATA is a sanskrit verse taken from the Rig veda. The meaning of the verse / motto is "Let noble thoughts come to us from every side".


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