Karbi Peoples' Hall, Taralangso, Karbi Anglong


The 1st Assam Ethnic Festival is the first of its kind cultural extravaganza which aims at showcasing all the communities residing in Assam under one roof. Assam is known world over for the vivid diversities of communities it is home to and also its colourful cultural attributes. Here, with this festival, we aim at bringing these very colours out of the canvas and in-front of the world. The festival not only will be a converging point annually for the communities but also will a learning experience for all about each other thereby propagating the message of unity in diversity. Home to over a dozen tribe and communities, Assam is not only a picture of ethnicity but also a land where many a stories have been written. The Tai Ahoms, Karbi, Kachari, Bodo, Mising, Deori, and many more feathers of the same cap have been living together in this land of Mighty rivers since ages. And we take this small initiative in showcasing the same through this festival.

The 1st edition of this festival is going to be held at Taralangso, the heart of Karbi Anglong, home to the colourful tribe known as Karbi. A sprawling 800 bigha plus land marked with beautiful hillocks and vegetation is also the hotspot of Karbi culture as it has been the host to the Karbi Youth Festival for over four decades now. As we thought of the 1st ever ensemble of all the communities of Assam we could think of no other place than Taralangso to start this colourful endeavour.

We, with warm hearts, welcome you to our magical land to experience this cultural extravaganza together this March. Come be a part of the history in making, be a part of this celebration of our identity, be a part of Assam.... Feel the Vibrance!